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I have decided to review the online version of Tower Torneos because it is one of the leading poker rooms in South America and because its partnership with 888 Holdings means that the online gaming situation in Latin America is about to change. Since this heralds the first ever online gaming entity shaking hands and walking forward with an actual Latin American casino or poker room, the product it is offering needs to be examined and that is what I have done below. Read each and every one of the below recommendations and decide for yourself whether Tower Torneos is worth your time or not.Visit online poker online for more details.

1) Languages:While the major language for playing is Spanish, Tower Torneos offers its software in an additional two languages: English and Portugese.

2) Gaming Integrity:One of the features that online gamers check right at the beginning is which software company is behind the gaming structures. Tower Torneos bases its software on that of 888 Holdings PLC which uses Random Logic to create its games and design. This company is a strong and solid name in online gaming and as such guarantees that your game will not be tilted against you.

3) What Can You Play Here?Other than the regular and well known seven card stud regulars such as Texas Holdem and Omaha High and Low, you can also play 7-card stud (the home version). Taking part in live poker tournaments are also a viable and easy option. Note that though the games are well played, taking part in the tournaments is risky unless your internet connection is really fast. The games are well designed and the controls are easily learnt.

4) Poker Playing Skill:Before anyone starts playing at an online poker room it is wise to know beforehand what kind of players frequent that joint so that you play only against those who are at your level or under it and not above your playing stature. Well, if you are a newcomer to poker, I would advise you to opt for another poker room because this one has many experts dabbling in it. But take into account that this will change as Tower Torneos gets more and more exposure through articles such as these and other such advertizing schemes.

5) How Safe is this Poker Room?Since the game playing structure and computer program has been created by Random Logic, which is a reputable company that is even traded in the stock market, you can trust the software. In addition, Tower Torneos is a widely known brand name in the entire South American continent and this ensures that they will strive to uphold their reputation.

6) Customer Service:One of the hitches of a new poker room is that its customer service is not yet fully trained to cope with all the different problems and difficulties that arise from a wide range of international players with a wide range of issues. So, you might have slight problems now and then, but on the other hand, each of their personnel are well trained and patient enough to carry each problem right through until a solution is found.

So, what is my diagnostic advice?I do not recommend the Tower Torneos poker room for newcomers but I do recommend this poker room for experienced poker gamers. My reasoning for this suggestion is that Tower Torneos caters more to the South American poker pros than it does to the South American poker newcomers. But, in any case, this does not mean that all the players you face will be professionals but it does mean that the likelihood that those playing poker against you will possess strong game skills is relatively higher than at the usual poker room.

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